A downloadable game for Windows

A 3/4-View Shooter made with Gamemaker Studio.

Help the Space Investigator Sid Force to remove the rogue A.I. that has taken over Space Station Citadel 3.

Search the enviroment for more Ammo, Weapons and Keycards.

You have one life per stage, so watch out.

Music converted from C64 SID files.


You move Sid with W,A,S,D

hold LEFT MOUSEBUTTON to shoot

click MIDDLE MOUSEBUTTON to interact (When the Crosshair changes and you are in range)

Q and E switch your abilities (Sprint/Zoom)

hold RIGHT MOUSEBUTTON to use the ability

M turns the music off and on

scroll MOUSEWHEEL or use the NUMBER KEYS to switch Weapons

push SPACEBAR to skip dialog or scenes

ALT + F4 to exit (Yes, seriously - see notes below)



This was my very first project with Gamemaker Studio. I basically learned the program and coding language as this project went on.

I now revisited it shortly and decided to release it since it is, after all, a complete game. It has a story, beginning and end, and all game mechanics work.

But codingwise this game is a mess and i decided against polishing it to save my sanity.
No menus or even proper options to exit the game (Things that are a given for any new project i make these days).

This also resulted in the game being quite EVIL.
You have one life per stage, but unlimited continues.

If you like 90s style challenge though, this is your game.


Music converted from c64 SID files.

Graphics partially original, partially taken from "The Chaos Engine" (Amiga), "Doom" (PC) and others

Sound Effects taken from the "Atari Sound Collection"

All coding and original graphics done by Sinnesloeschen Games

Stay tuned for more, better coded and optimized, Games. ;)

If you run across game-breaking bugs or want to leave feedback, feel free to comment below.


Space Investigators - Sid Force.zip 99 MB

Install instructions

Extract the EXE into a folder of your choice.

It is highly recommended that you read the README.TXT

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