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Help Rip (Or Tear) get his bike back in this quite gory 16-bit Style 2D Sidescrolling Beat'em Up that is completely free for you to enjoy flying pixel bodyparts.

10 levels. They are huge. That means they have huge guts.

V 1.0 comes with singleplayer action, a menu to punch through and the music is youtube-friendly by Teknoaxe.

Made by Sinnesloeschen Games, made with Gamemaker Studio 1.4 using a lot of "borrowed" art assets. Rip and Tear, rip and tear those old arcade sprite sheets!

Also avaible on sinnesloeschen.com

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AuthorSinnesloeschen Games
Tags16-bit, 2D, Beat 'em up, beltscroller, Sprites


Rip & Tear.zip 43 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the exe, start it up. Windows might require you to allow the application to start. Confirm and go.


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Didn't get my bike back but now my eyes are open... :) 

Hehe mission accomplished. Gotta warn people about those reptiloids.  ;)

Thanks for spreading the word man!

You totally did miss the "secret" character though. Or maybe you refrained from showing him due to his "infringy" nature? :p

What? I haven't seen the secret character. I have to get back to playing.

Good but too easy! Suggestions:

Make enemies attack range longer than the player;

Spinning Kick as "desperation move" that drain energy;

Reduce the jumping kick speed at the normal walking speed;

diagonal movements speed because higher than the others, in other words
the player movement should draw a circle, not a rectange (also better
to rise the horizontal and lowering the vertical, to match the

(1 edit)

Thanks for your suggestions, difficulty and movement are allways hard to get right. Especially when it comes to emulating classic arcade beat'em ups.

That reminds me, this game also needs a 2-player mode. :p