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The Story:

Punchotron was built for exactly one purpose: Punching.

Unfortunately the technological progress made him obsolete, but his programmed desire to punch persisted. Society couldn't handle his ways, so he got locked up in a robotic asylum on the moon Phobos under the watchful eye of the best Cybear guards avaible to the space government.

Naturally, punchotron escaped. And now it's your opportunity to help him fulfill his desire.


- 2D Sprite-based Beat'em Up

- Randomized Levels (Five different "themes": City, Desert, Snow, Past, Future)

- Punching

- "Arcade" style (Infinite number of levels with an increasing difficulty)

- Punching

- Kinda "Reverse Robotron 2084"; You are a robot, humans want you dead

- Punching

- Punching

Additional Info:

Free Game

Also avaible on Sinnesloeschen.com:


More information

Published363 days ago
Release date1 year ago
AuthorSinnesloeschen Games
Tags16-bit, 2D, Arcade, Beat 'em up, punch, punching, robot, robotron, Sci-fi, tron
Average durationA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions


Zip-File contains:

- Punchotron 2083 executable

- "Readme" Text file

Unpunch the content to a folder of your choice, double-punch the Punchotron 2083 executable to punch the game.


Punchotron 2083.zip (31 MB)

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