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Pandemic Patrol

Beta Version V02

** Warning, Contains Gore and Violence **

Beat the Pandemic!

You arrive at a town under threat of a deadly pandemic. All you have is your trusty anti-plague spray. Can you do it?

Plagued NPCs have a green mist surrounding them, spray them to cure their infection.

The first level starts with one infected NPC, the second with two and so on. Infected NPCs die after 60 seconds,
after that they get replaced with a new non-infected NPC to match the set population limit (Currently 75).

If an infected NPC comes into contact with a non-infected NPC they infect him.

NPCs may enter buildings upon which they stay inside for 20 seconds. If an infected NPC enters the building all NPCs currently inside are infected.
Infected NPCs cannot die inside a building.

When all infected NPCs are either cured or dead you win this pandemic level and advance to the next. Good luck. ^^

In-Game controls:

- F1 for Help
- WASD to move
- Left Mouse to spray
- Right Mouse for spray bomb - M to toggle music on/off
- F12 to restart current level
- ESC to quit the game
- Alt + Enter or F5 for full-screen
- Mouse-wheel to zoom
- F8 to display FPS

Background Music:

"Danger Freak"
by Chris Hülsbeck
1988 Rainbow Arts

(C) Sinnesloeschen Games 2021


Pandemic Patrol Beta V02.zip 12 MB

Install instructions

Simple Executable with Instructions inside a README file.

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